My name is Hannah and I am an aspiring dentist.
I am currently studying my A levels with the hope of going to university to study dentistry. In my spare time I enjoy volunteering, singing in a choir, baking and arts and craft which help me unwind from school and the anxiety of planning my future. I have learnt so much already about my future and career plans yet I have so many unanswered questions and big decisions to make. This blog will help me and hopefully you find out what's the correct path for me and you. Follow me as I discover what it means to be a dentist, how to get there and what my journey will look like. I am so excited to be sharing my journey and learning about what my future may look like. I will be documenting and assessing different options and giving my own opinions on topics such as Universities, different forms of dentistry, workplace varieties and the flexibility of a job. Thank you for visiting and for joining me in EXPLORING DENTISTRY
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